James Ledwith 

Memorial Scholarship



Hope, Faith and Courage

to Pursue Dreams

 in the Face of Adversity

The James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship is up to a $2000 award to a High School Graduate from the Albuquerque metropolitan area, who has continued to pursue a "life dream" or professional / educational goal in spite of facing extraordinary life challenges. The recipient will have chosen:

  • hope, faith and courage;
  • thoughtfulness and service to others;
  • living life, pursuing dreams, and enabling ones' self.

The scholarship is  to be used for post-secondary education in pursuit of a "life dream" and /or professional goal. The recipient needs to demonstrate that they are capable of succeeding in that educational pursuit and that the scholarship will help them  in this endeavor.

Eligibility & Requirements

  •  Applicants must have faced an extraordinary life challenge during their High School years and demonstrated:
    •  Hope, faith and courage to pursue their life dream or professional / educational goals;
    • Thoughtfulness and service to others.
    • Living life, pursuing dreams and enabling one’s self.
    • The applicant must be capable of pursuing their life dream or goals, as demonstrated by relevant academic and /or other achievements.

  • Applicants must be high school graduates from the Albuquerque metro area.

  • Application must include two (2) references from a teacher, counselor or employer who can personally explain how the applicant meets the criteria and how the applicant has influenced others. The nature and longevity of the relationship with the applicant should be explained.
  • The scholarship is to be used for post-secondary education in pursuit of a “life dream” and/or professional goal.
  • Awards may be used for tuition, fees, books or housing.
  • All students must submit documentation from a school for payment of the award
see Albuquerque Community Foundation for latest details

The advisory committee may choose to recommend multiple scholarships, partial scholarships, or no scholarships in a given year.

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James Ledwith graduated from Del Norte High School in 1994 with a full tuition scholarship to the University of New Mexico. In spite of being diagnosed with a high risk form of leukemia in the fall of his sophomore year, James continued to pursue his dreams. His dream was to become an architect.

He studied drafting, while  working as a drafting intern at Western Glass and Panels. James loved soccer and continued to play as a starter for Del Norte's Varsity Soccer team even though he underwent a rigorous regime of chemotherapy for the next 3 years. Active in Roundtable and Staters, he helped organize blood drives, dances and other special activities. As a counselor at Camp Enchantment, he provided support and encouragement to other children who were fighting cancer. He was voted "Best Personality" by his senior class!

James was invited to join  the honor society after his first semester at UNM. Unfortunately, his leukemia came back. He took a leave of absence so that he could receive a bone marrow  transplant on April 19th, 1995 in Seattle, Washington. James relapsed 2 more times after his transplant and finally passed away on Independence Day, July 4, 1996. He was  finally free of his cancer!

All through these challenges, James held on to his faith, his hope and his dreams. James showed love and was loved by many. He experienced much and lived life more meaningfully in these 5 years than many do in a longer lifetime! He felt his education was the greatest gift he could receive and that it was a key to his future!

This scholarship is intended to help another student who has fought for his or her dreams to become true! 


Complete applications must be received no later than the Deadline
Only signed applications that are received completed and on time can be considered. 

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